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What is a design sprint?

A Design Sprint is a 4-day process to accelerate your product strategy, improve existing ones or solve any big problem.

It compresses, potentially months of work into a few days.

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Are Design Sprints the right thing for my company?

The answer is yes. A Design Sprint is a great process is you want to:

  • Quickly develop, test and validate the best ideas

  • Speed up timelines and shrink costs dramatically

  • Empower a cross-functional teams to be change-makers and owners of the product

  • Expand mindsets by removing barriers to innovation

  • Turn innovation into action with immediate solutions to important challenges

  • Uncover new customer insights through the user testing model


What teams like about the Design Sprints?

This is based on data collected at the end of Design Sprints ran by me.

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What you get from my Design Sprint?


Pre-flight Research

Design Sprint & Iteration Sprint

Functional Prototypes

Targeted user validation

User test video highlights

Sprint Report

Project handover


Sandro achieved tangible results in just one week. Everyone was super excited about this new way of working.

— Ricardo Abreu, (CPO) Chief Product Officer at Babb Bank


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